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With many UK women already suffering World Cup fatigue, apes and gentleman across everywhere are going to have to raise their game to ensure not a minute of football is missed. Fortunately, the folks over at head&shoulders have the answers from asking more than 2000 women what simple things men could do to make their ladies happy. It turns out a lot of these are as simple as doing the laundry, as smell is linked to emotions. A less concerning but additional benefit would be freshening up when we’ve been festering in front of the TV watching football and drinking beer for weeks on end! Sound like you? Solutions…

  1. Changing the sheets in the bedroom could be the best way for a man to drive a woman wild. A survey for head&shoulders found the smell of clean bedding boosts the mood of 60 per cent of British ladies.
  2. More than half of women will put you in their good books for just mowing the lawn (and then you can have a post-match kick about afterwards) with a massive 51 per cent admitted the smell of cut grass leaves them feeling happy.
  3. And if all of that still seems like too much effort, hop in the shower and hope for the best as one in four women says the smell of a scented shampoo puts them in a good mood! Easy.

Fragrance expert Dr Hazel MacTavish-West added: “Fresh, light scents especially have been shown scientifically to decrease anxiety and improve mood; some scents such as oriental, spicy and woody ones make people feel sexier.”

Ape to Gentleman’s 3-step guide to World Cup Success:

1. Own at least a 42″ tv.

2. Keep the fridge stocked with beer.

3. Smell better.

Simple. Just trying to help.

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