There aren’t many brands who would dare to challenge the might of Procter & Gamble and their juggernaut of a razor brand Gillette; a brand synonymous with shaving innovation worldwide. Well if you thought that, you obviously haven’t heard of King of Shaves, giants (or should I say ‘Kings’) in their own right, leading the way in affordable, high quality shaving products before making the progression into the world of high performance razors.

It was January 2003 when Will King (founder of King of Shaves), started sketching out his thought plans for the ‘King of Blades’ razor – which eventually evolved into the King of Shaves Azor. The world’s first ‘hybrid synergy’ system razor. The finished item looks simple, the shave effective.

The Azor combines shaving comfort and performance via an internationally patented TST (Touch Skin Technology) elastomer skin bumper and pivot system. This allows the Endurium coated, super long-lasting blades to shave at optimum pressure against the skin whilst a larger soft rubber ‘bumper’ helps reduce risk of unwanted nicks and lifts stubble for a smoother more comfortable shave. The Azor’s uniquely patented wishbone-shaped head design provides greater visibility when shaving and the ergonomically designed, lightweight handle allows for a comfortable shave which follows the contours and curves of your face.

Well one thing’s for sure, it certainly looks good, and sits well in the hand, but I would say having trialled the razor, I would advise using a pre shave oil for those with more sensitive skin for a smoother result. The Azor razor ticks most of the boxes, and furthermore, it’s well priced. I haven’t met Will King but if I did I’d shake his hand; his ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’ philosophy sees him tackle Gillette head on, and I for one commend him for his audacity.