Despite the undisputed success of Korres worldwide, the men’s range seems to have slipped somewhat under the radar. Yes, its is a small fraction of the vast Korres range, but regardless of that a condensed range by a brand with such a glowing reputation deserves more attention; today Ape to Gentleman intend to give it exactly that.

I, like many men, have fallen into the trap of thinking that you only need to use anti-ageing products when you get old, but as the years progress you start to realise that you can’t start soon enough… The whole process of Anti-ageing is (or should I say should be) more concerned with pre-emptive strike; don’t wait for your skin to age and then try to reverse the process, best to get in there early, even if it’s just using a normal moisturiser.


Although it didn’t quite make it into the dizzy heights of the ‘Ultimate Grooming Gifts’, it certainly wasn’t far off; what could possibly be a better gift than giving him the opportunity to roll back a few years? So just how does it work… Well, the Ruscus fortifies the blood vessels and encourages microcirculation while the Chestnut defends against the free radicals responsible for wrinkling. It also contains SPF 15 to protect against the photo-ageing effects from the sun.

How does it perform? The delivery method is via a pump system; I would recommend about half a pump to adequately cover your face and upper neck. The moisturiser is lightly scented, which I wasn’t too sure about initially, but after a few comments of ‘You smell nice’ I was soon a convert. The finish is mattifying and has a smoothing effect to the skin’s surface which immediately gives the impression of a more healthy, if not youthful, appearance. It’s hard to accurately gauge the full effects of the moisturiser’s anti-ageing properties, but initial results are promising; skin certainly feels looks/smoother already, and throw a few (more) comments of ‘You’re looking well’ into the mix and the outlook is good. It’s certainly the flag bearer for the Korres Men’s range, of which I’ll be trying some other products.