Korres Magnesium & Wheat Proteins Shampoo

Hair loss is an issue that nearly all men go through at some stage of their lives; in some instances the fear of hair loss is vindicated, for the other luckier ones it’s just a slight ‘recession’. For those of us that don’t like leaving things to chance, Korres have developed a toning shampoo as part of their specialist men’s range.


Korres Magnesium & Wheat toning shampoo for men is clinically proven to help prevent hair-loss and to improve hair strength. In keeping with Korres’ natural philosophy, the multi-mineral combination of Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese and Zinc works to restore energy to scalp cells thus fortifying fragile hair, from root to end. At the same time, provitamin B5 increases hair body and reduces the rate of splitting. Rice and Wheat proteins remarkably enhance elasticity and protect the hair from breaking. To put it simply, preemptive strike agaisnt hair loss in a bottle.