Take a trip to the city of Kristiansand, Norway’s holiday beach retreat known for ultimate recreation, leisure, and peace of mind.  Now travel over 3,600 miles away to New York City where the hustle and bustle never stops and the city never sleeps. Introducing Kristiansand New York, a new men’s fragrance combining the essence of the two very opposite regions.

Kristiansand New York was conceived when two Norwegians, Britt Hovde Ross and actress Elisabeth Steen, met for the first time in NYC through mutual friends at a chic Soho store opening. Britt always dreamed of making her own fragrance even as a little girl. With Elisabeth’s background in cosmetics and fragrance marketing, the two friends set out on a mission. They decided they wanted to make a men’s fragrance because there were few on the market they really loved and they wanted to make the sexiest fragrance possible. And what better way to create a fragrance than combining inspirations from the two places Britt and Elisabeth love most…New York and Kristiansand.

In the creation of Kristiansand New York, elements were added to represent the elegant New York side.  These include chic musks, expensive amber and sophisticated powdery notes.  These collide with a wild side that embodies the natural impact of Norway.  Masculine woods are spiced up with raw pepper and topped by crisp green notes and clary sage.  Kristiansand New York is classy meets wild.  Nature meets style. The result is a sexy woody-ambery definition of masculinity.

Drom Fragrances’ perfumer Pierre-Constantin Gueros worked with Britt and Elisabeth and created Kristiansand New York with careful detail in drom’s Tribeca NYC studio.  “It was clear to me that this fragrance needs to reflect the fascinating contradiction that Kristiansand New York stands for,” says Pierre.  “Kristiansand New York embodies the modern, cosmopolitan and fashion-forward New York lifestyle while paying tribute to the founders’ native Norway, a rather quiet place with a lifestyle much closer to nature.  Both places are equally fascinating.”  Pierre notes that New Yorkers long for the peace of the ocean and countryside while Norwegians long for the excitement of the city.