Technology in the skin care industry, as is the case with most industries, is on the rise. Men are seeking more ways of prolonging their testosterone filled youth, but most are unsure of exactly what products to use and how to use them. This is why arrival of skin analytic technologies, such as the Skin Analyser from Lab Series Skincare for Men is a welcome one.  Men will see in black and white exactly what they need to focus on for their skin, in not too dissimilar a way from an Intelligent BMI machine that shows you what exercises to do in the gym.

The portable, mobile diagnostic tool will offer a discreet service to the consumer in dedicated stores.  The Grooming Advisor uses two parts of the Skin Analyser to measure different conditions of a man’s skin and hair – the Scope to photograph four key parameters – flakiness, tone, texture and sebum/oil levels.  He then determines the hydration level and skin firmness/elasticity by simply pressing the Sensor against the skin to achieve a reading.

By inputting the customer age range he is able to advise how his skin compares and address any concerns the customer may voice when shown images of his skin, which can be further magnified on the handheld device.

Concerns that are highlighted are in-growing hairs, sun damage and pigmentation, lines and wrinkles, oily skin and blocked pores/blackheads.

These concerns can then be addressed by the Grooming Advisor and a skincare regime recommended.  Customers are able to return at any stage to have their skin re-analysed and the improvements measured.

Welcome to the future Gentlemen.

The Skin Analyser is available at Lab Series Skincare for Men counters in Selfridges, London and during Lab Series store events around the country.

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