Lab Series Skincare for Men, building on the success of their MAX LS AGE-LESS Face Cream have added to the MAX LS AGE-LESS range with an Overnight Renewal Serum and Instant Eye Lift.

The discovery of Sirtuins also known as “longevity genes”, capable of increasing the lifespan of a skin cell was the inspiration behind Lab Series plight to create their Molecular Age-less Complex. The crux of the technicalities is that it makes you age slower thanks to a combination of advanced proteins and other advanced ingredients.

The Lab Series MAX LS AGE-LESS Overnight Renewal Serum is a pleasantly light consistency which you’re to apply at night – the optimal time for skin repair. The Molecular Age-less Complex goes to work with it’s time-released formula helping to increase your natural rate of skin cell turnover. The result is repair from environmental damage, locked in moisture, smoother, clearer and more vibrant skin when you wake (this can’t be guaranteed after a heavy night out gents!).

RRP £39 or €57 for 30ml.

The Lab Series MAX LS AGE-LESS Instant Eye Lift is again a pleasant textured cream-gel which surprisingly gets to work straight away making tired eyes look brighter and tighter. Dark circles and wrinkles began to reduce after a few days use leaving me looking less old!

RRP £32 or €46 for 15ml.

In conclusion, a welcome addition to the already popular Lab Series MAX LS AGE-LESS Face Cream. If the Face Cream worked for you, we can recommend giving the Overnight Renewal Serum and Instant Eye Lift a go – Lab Series research saw extremely positive reviews from their tester panel.

Available nationwide from 28th February 2011.

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