Men’s grooming brand Lab Series have unleashed a new collection into the men’s hair loss arena with a 3-step arsenal against hair loss. Formulated to give the appearance of thicker hair and reduce hair loss due to breakage; Lab Series Root Power Restorative Shampoo, Root Power Restorative Hair Tonic and Root Power Restorative Style Wax are formulated with ROOTPLEX5, a unique blend of innovative ingredients to help improve and strengthen men’s hair.

Root Power Restorative Shampoo

Root Power Restorative Shampoo is designed to attend to the visible effects of ageing on hair. It removes pore-clogging debris, smells really fresh and leaves your hair feeling clean. I felt like my hair looked thicker and fuller.

RRP: £26 / €36 for 250ml

Root Power Restorative Hair Tonic

Root Power Restorative Hair Tonic is a serum that helps to minimise daily hair loss caused by breakage. The tonic itself felt refreshing and cooling when applied to my scalp. Immediate effects, again, my hair felt thicker, fuller and just generally tougher.

RRP: £27 / €38 for 200ml

Root Power Restorative Style Wax

Root Power Restorative Style Wax was my favourite of the 3-step routine. The shampoo and tonic are good Style Wax is not only a good styling cream but it also instantly thickens and adds volume to your hair. It also works as part of a 3-step system by reducing hair loss due to breakage – a novelty for styling wax.

RRP: £19 / €27 for 50ml

The Science

• Glucosamine exfoliates and rids the scalp of debris and build-up for healthy looking hair.

• Ginseng Root Extract, when combined with massage, promotes natural microcirculation, increasing blood flow to the scalp.

• Pantethine helps strengthen and improve damaged hair.

• Pro-Vitamin B (Panthenol) helps thicken hair and as part of the non-drying formula, aids in moisture retention.

• Ethyl Panthenol smoothes and improves the texture of hair.

• Cetrimonium Chloride fights dullness.

Other Key Ingredients

• Menthol, Menthyl Lactate & Menthyl PCA provide scalp with a cooling, refreshing sensation.

• Silicone enhances shine.

• Quaternium 80 helps maintain natural moisture levels.

• Yeast Polysaccharides helps maintain natural moisture levels.

• Potassium Cholesterol Sulfate improves elasticity of hair.

Lab Series claim to have tested the Root Power regimen for 12 weeks, finding a 35% reduction in hair loss. My hair did feel thicker and fuller as mentioned above, a successful foray here for Lab Series and a good combination of decent products with the addition of hair loss ingredients. At £72.00 for the 3-step routine it comes at a bit of a cost but the products last, so you’ll get value for money.

Available nationwide from 10th October 2011.

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