If you’re reading this then the chances are that you are interested in grooming, but interest doesn’t necessarily breed knowledge. Thankfully we can call on the expertise of Lab Series, who have collaborated with Craig the Barber, one of Hollywood’s go-to groomers, and an expert in both classic barbering and modern looks. To accompany his 10 expert tips Craig has chosen his Lab Series favourites to help you get the rights results. Here are his Top ten grooming tips:

Tip 1 – Sun Block.

Don’t be fooled by the kids down the shore: over-tanning is the surest way to look old before your time. But even if you avoid the beds, you should still limit your everyday exposure by wearing a light sunscreen or moisturizer with a solid SPF.

Tip 2 – Hair Removal.

The phrase “manscaping” is totally dated, but it is no less true that men, particularly, as they age, have body and facial hair worth removing. We’re talking nose, ears and eyebrows primarily, but if there’s a weird stray hair peeking up through your collar, go ahead and snip that too.

Tip 3 – Eye Cream.

The eyes are windows to the soul, and the under-eye is the window to how much sleep you’re getting. If it’s not enough (and who over the age of 5 is getting enough sleep?), then you should definitely use a quality eye cream to reduce puffiness and wrinkles.

Tip 4 – Shaving Solutions.

Whether you shave everyday or every once in a while, in-grown hairs and razor burn are familiar enemies. Combat them by exfoliating pre-shave (helps fight in-grown hairs), and then using a cold washcloth as a compress after shaving (to cut down on the burn).

Tip 5 – Shine Prevention.

Everyone’s skin produces oil, but if you’re worried about giving off a blinding glare, then use an oil-controlling moisturizer for a fresh matte finish.

Tip 6 – Skin Tone.

This is an issue that touches on some areas already covered, from sun exposure to fatigue. Nonetheless, discoloration and blotchiness can ruin your day (and make you look much older), so be sure to add a facial serum to your regimen to keep things bright and even.

Tip 7 – Hand cream.

Keep your hand cream, er, handy at all times. We’re not talking baby’s butt, but smooth, even hands will give you a confident shake, and help keep skin that takes a serious beating feeling healthy and fresh.

Tip 8 – Hairstyle.

Your hair is something that can date your style in an instant—if you haven’t changed your look in a while, then it’s time to pick a new cut. Choose something current and age-appropriate that will work with your overall technique.

Tip 9 – Teeth Whitening.

You don’t need to hit up the orthodontist to get a little extra glow in your smile—and that glow can make a huge difference in how you’re perceived. Over the counter products that can be found at your local drugstore are perfect for improving those chompers.

Tip 10 – Breath.

Cup your hand, and breathe into it. If you don’t like what you smell, you can rest assured no one else will. Having the breath of a champion is an aspect of grooming that’s easy to overlook—never leave home without your spray, mints or gum.