I’m not one to believe highly financially backed advertising campaigns juxtaposing every superlative under the sun to try and convince us that our money is being well spent. That said, I do believe in giving credit where it is warranted. This may well be one of those cases. Although massively hyped Lacoste’s Challenge EDT fragrance is actually good.

While their advertising campaigns are suggesting they are targeting a younger audience (the face of the campaign is Hayden Christensen after all), the fragrance itself has its own idea; the spicy heart and base notes remind you more of a fragrance of the past, than the generally lighter fragrances of modern times:

Lacoste Challenge combines the immediate punchy vitality of its citrus and ginger aromatics with the depth richness and power of its woody base. A sense of casual elegance, designed for all metropolitans with a playful spirit, captures the essence of self-assured and adventurous attitude of the modern Lacoste man.

  • Top note – Tangerine Lemon for energy and speed
  • Heart Note – Ginger, for impact and vitality
  • Base Note – Teak and Ebony, for depth and power

Lacoste pay homage their tennis heritage in their products, and Challenge is no different; the shape is inspired by the handle of a tennis racquet and is soft to the touch. The range consists of the usual male grooming elements; Deodorant (Roll on and spray) , Shower Gel,  Aftershave balm and an Aftershave lotion. Don’t let the advertising campaign put you off this one, definitely worth a smell.