After recently having the pleasure of announcing Les Senteurs as Ape to Gentleman’s fragrance experts, everyone here at ATG HQ has become somewhat more intrigued by the fragrance world. You might ask why we weren’t in the first place? After all we are a male grooming blog and surely fragrances come hand in hand with this? Correct. My theory is this…

Men, as in the skin care world (and every walk of life) are subject to the ‘marketing push’. I just made that phrase up but I’m referring to the power house brands who have vast marketing budgets to hammer home to men what they ‘should’ be buying. Forgive my generalisation here, some ‘power house brands’ are fantastic and their vast marketing budgets are built upon years of selling fine products but there are a whole host of unexciting fragrance brands out there, lacking in quality and failing to capture our interest.

Take Davidoff, you’ll see Sawyer from LOST in every men’s mag holding a bottle of eau de toilette shaped like a dumbbell. Davidoff is a great brand with heritage but it’s fragrance rights are owned by Coty and most likely produced in the same factory as Adidas deodorant.

The magnificence of blogs like Ape to Gentleman is a lack of constraint. We have no ties, no affiliation and no vast amounts of staff to finance by Coty’s advertising budgets. We can present you with the real deal, every time.

If you dig into the fragrance world, and you don’t have to dig far – you’ll find passionate people producing fragrances of unrivalled quality. Look at everything on Les Senteurs shelves and our latest find, available in the UK from their own London boutique and Liberty; LE LABO Fragrances.


LE LABO was founded by Edouard and Fabrice who have plenty of experience in the the world I mentioned above and God bless them decided to do something about it, by producing a niche range of scents which harness their passion, pride and care. Yes they are more expensive than Davidoff Cool Rubbish but what you get for your money is value – a unique scent, with first class ingredients, an eau de parfum (which lasts) and best of all you won’t smell like the rest of your friends who visited a generic department store.

It’s the difference between wearing clothes from GAP or Dior. May be you don’t care but you should, you should be blown away each and every time you spray on your scent. Take time in choosing which you prefer, which suits you – gone are the days of sniffing that tester in GQ and saying, “that’s nice” – I’m talking WOW! I’m talking LE LABO or Les Senteurs.

Welcome to our new passion – fine fragrance.

My pick: LE LABO Patchouli 24. £125 ($200) for 100ml. – Available in the UK from LE LABO boutique and Liberty. Also available at select stores worldwide.