Floral fragrances can be tricky ground for men to approach, especially as they are so strongly considered feminine. Over recent years however, floral extracts have slowly become prominent components in male fragrances, with extracts of iris, rose and lily finding themselves alongside masculine stalwarts like patchouli, cedarwood and leather.

Never ones to create without originality, perfume house Le Labo’s intriguing new floral Ylang 49 is well worth closer inspection, especially from men tempted to break away from traditional fragrances. With a strong focus on floral extracts the first wear makes for a surprising experience.

Described by Le Labo as a chypre floral, Ylang 49 opens with bold floral notes of gardenia and ylang ylang, enhanced as they settle by oakmoss, vetiver and benzoin. Floral notes like these have a tendency to overpower, but here they balance perfectly, exuding enough to add intrigue to proceedings.

By the end of the day Ylang 49 settles into a pleasant green earthy dry down, but hints of florals remain that elevate the final stages of this eclectic composition.

Full of character Ylang 49 may be a floral at heart but there’s a confidence in its blending that make it a perfect starting point for male wearers looking to walk the road less travelled.