Left your Christmas shopping late? We have some good ideas, some great ideas and some random ideas for those of you still in the hunt.

Philips Man Iron


The Philips Man Iron, I can’t believe this exists. However, it is fantastic – housed in a ‘manly’ black outer casing with its sleek design made using the toughest, most durable materials, Philips have produced a genius solution to ‘man-ironing’ or lack thereof, creating a “practically unbreakable ‘tool’”. There are plenty of technicalities associated with this iron, but I ask why? Does any man actually care? I did some comparison of other more conventional irons on the market and impressively the Man Iron stacks up very well if not better – this is all you need to know. It looks fantastic (for an iron) and most importantly will keep your garments crease-free.

The Philips Man Iron (GC4890) is available in Argos, Comet and Currys and will cost £60. For further information visit www.philips.co.uk.

Lab Series Instant Moisture


Most men will be suffering with dry skin as the colder months arrive and the drying central heating is turned up. Lab Series Instant Moisture products are great for treating dry skin and lips with both products instantly hydrating and soothing skin, leaving it smooth and feeling less taught and flaky.

Lab Series Instant Moisture Gel is a lightweight, moisturising gel which cools and hydrates skin. 100ml – RRP £38.00 / €52.00.

Lab Series Instant Moisture Lip Balm is a moisturising balm infused with Anti-oxidants and Vitamin E and flavoured with mint which immediately soothes, conditions and helps protect dry lips. 10ml – RRP £12.00 / €17.00.



Want to look good even as you sleep? Thought so. Introducing an Australian-based company which produce Suitjamas – silk suit pajamas, complete with trousers, jacket, shirt and tie. Described as:

Humourous, unique and a smashingly handsome gift sure to please any man.

We say: wow.

$74.95 to $179.95 from www.facebook.com/Suitjamas

Fin’s for Him


Established in 2008 by Alexandra Finlay, Fin’s for Him was inspired by the lack of good, classic loafers at an affordable price point. Something which I can testify to, as an avid wearer of these type of shoes. The original shoe was the George Loafer which almost has cult status around the world. Hand stitched in Portugal by a small family run business and available in some epic colour ways they really are guaranteed to disappoint no man. They are comfy, can be dressed up or worn casually and are uniquely stylish. At £95.00 they are incredibly affordable in comparison to similar offerings on the market and are guaranteed not to disappoint this Christmas or ever.


Braun Porsche Edition


Playing on Braun’s German heritage and reputation for quality, the electric shaving giants have collaborated with German sports car company Porsche. The limited edition Series 3 razor possess all their fantastic regular features such as the famed Triple Action Free Float and Clean & Renew Systems but also, the ‘Motorsport Edition’ features an all black casing with red start button. Despite it being a good razor under the bonnet (excuse the pun), it also looks fantastic and naturally, the build quality is excellent.

Available from Boots now – RRP £189.99.