“Lend me your comb”

– A phrase once common place among gents of all ages but unfortunately use of the comb has somewhat fallen by the wayside. Ape to Gentleman are predicting combs to regain popularity – at least among the youth – as the Brylcreem generation seems set for a return. As he has done so often in the past, David Beckham has sparked the popularity of the Cary Grant-esque comb over, which was elegantly brought (back) to our attention by the character Don Draper in Mad Men. Thankfully, the GHD days seem to finally be behind us as the male populous errs towards the healthier, albeit greasier, slick back look.


The formerly wax dominated men’s bathrooms, are slowly being converted to havens for  ‘pomade’, ‘hair gel’ and perhaps one day even Brylcreem. As openly used by Elvis, (pictured) and to be carried in your back pocket of your denim, or inner pocket of your suit, ‘the comb’ is the ‘new’ must have grooming accessory. As is typical with demand and supply, with the increase in styling products we have seen the arrival of more combs; Baxter of California recently released their tortoiseshell combs and now we see some from British brand Taylor of Old Bond Street.


The most popular combs are the folding combs or the pocket combs, which as their names suggest provide the perfect pocket travelling accompaniments. The medium length combs are popular due to their styling benefits; one half of the comb has medium spaced teeth to cater for tangles, while the other half of the comb has finely spaced teeth for more precise styling.

To finish off we leave you with the Beatles and their track ‘Lend Me Your Comb’ featuring several video clips from none other than the man himself Cary Grant. It doesn’t get more apt than that.