Hermes truly epitomise the adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” with their iconic fragrance Terre d’Hermes. While it was only released in 2006, Terre de Hermes has already become one of the names that men mention in the same breath as Dior’s EauSauvage, Aramis and the original Polo from Ralph Lauren. In acknowledgement of this fact, instead of making new variants of the modern classic, Hermes opt instead to revamp the bottle giving the Hermes fragrance a refreshing new look, and Hermes’ fans something different to revere among their toiletries.

The latest edition Flacon H features a metallic silver letter ‘H’ elegantly layered on the front of the bottle, representing the precision of the fragrance contained inside. The fragrance itself is the same woody-spicy composition created in 2006 for the original by  Jean-Claude Ellena. Recommended for those Terre d’Hermes fans that simply fancy a ‘change in scenery’.

The Limited Edition Flacon H Terre d’Hermes has been available since 2009, with their 2010 edition available from March this year.