VO5 EXTREME STYLE is to introduce a commemorative, VO5 LIMITED EDITION [texturisingGum] decorated with a Union Jack emblazoned lid. Nothing else has changed, it’s still the same hair styling product, so you can still sculpt and shape your usual creations, whether you like to texturise lengths, tame kinks, separate strands, define natural curls or smooth mops, you can do them all with the same long lasting, extra firm hold that [texturisingGum] provides.

How to experiment with [texturisingGum]

Warm a small amount of product between palms before using on dry or damp hair. Clap together to ‘wake-up’ the fibres. Apply product to ends or random chunks for a disconnected style, or vigorously rub product all over your head using palms for a messy look. Extra tips – Put the tin in the fridge for super chewy, extreme texture, or heat the tin with a hairdryer to create softer, more natural looks on longer lengths.