Luxury fragrance brand, Lalique are releasing a new fragrance for men in honour of their founder, Renee Lalique.

Named L’insoumis Lalique, the fragance combines a variety of unconventional yet pioneering scents to create a fresh, intense fragrance reflective of both the brands unique creator and his strong connection with nature.

With strong base notes of patchouli and vetyer, L’insoumis hosts the perfect foothold for a unique fourgere fragrance. These foundations are then supported by mid notes of lavender, clary sage and black pepper before being topped off with eccentric top notes of fresh basil, bergamot and rum.

In keeping with the naturalistic style of the brand, the L’insoumis bottle combines Rene Lalique’s signature art deco design with the brands motif of an unfurling fern- a symbol used by Rene throughout his career.

The L’insoumis Lalique fragrance will be on sale from September 2016 at selected retailers and online.