The day has finally come when stick and liquid concealer fight it out to see who is the best.

Let us start by saying even if your skin is clear and has no blemishes, concealer is a great tool to keep you looking young and fresh. Touching up under your eyes with concealer will help them look more alive and bright.

The Two fighters
Let us get to know the competitors:

Camouflage stick concealers and liquid light reflecting concealers

It has taken a long time for someone to do it but finally in 2008 Myego launched the first liquid concealer for men. Solid concealers or camouflage sticks have been around for a long time.

So what is the difference between the two?

It’s simple really. Solid concealer’s main purpose is to cover up spots, blemishes and small imperfections on the skin. They are primarily for very small areas on the face. If you need to cover larger areas like under-eye circles then solid concealers become very noticeable because of their texture making it obvious you are wearing make-up. Liquid concealer smoothly blends into your skin’s natural tone to hide away dark circles under the eyes leaving you looking fresh and healthy.

Why has it taken so long for someone to come up with a liquid concealer?

Most people think a foundation would be just as good a substitute for a liquid concealer. Well they are wrong. Foundation does not cover up under eye circles or other blemishes as well as a concealer because foundation is normally the same colour or slightly darker shade than your natural skin tone. Liquid concealer is normally lighter than your skin tone and therefore brightens up your eyes. You can not apply foundation to a small area of the face without it standing out where as a concealer blends in smoothly to cover up small areas of the face.If you are lucky enough not to need foundation but sometimes just need a ‘little something’ to brighten up your face before going out or after a late night out, this is the product for you. Myego Cover Select concealer is an easy to apply liquid concealer that refreshes and brightens your complexion giving a healthy natural look.

by Moh Dehghani- Production Director, Myego Cosmetics.