For grooming, spa and gym bargains the people at Wahanda have introduced their MobDeal which goes on the premise of people bulk buying. Everyday, Wahanda offers a different deal from haircuts to massage sessions and gym memberships. Once they reach a minimum number of sales, the bargain is on, goes live on their site and is available to unlimited buyers. Last week saw Wahanda’s best MobDeal yet, £2 for a £20 spa/grooming treatment in London, Manchester or Birmingham, saving 90%.

You will find deals from a wide range of London, Manchester and Birmingham’s top health, wellbeing and grooming establishments.

Here are the ground rules:

  • A new deal goes live from midnight to midnight each day.
  • The reason the deals are on offer it the power of group or ‘mob’ buying.  Wahanda negotiates special volume discounts with spas, gyms, salons and more.
  • To make it work, a minimum number of sales has to be achieved per deal, this number varies by day and by deal.
  • Once the minimum number of sales has been reached the deal officially goes ‘live’ and is available for the rest of the day for an unlimited number of people to purchase
  • If the minimum number isn’t reached on the day then nobody get’s the deal and no money is changed hands.

To sign up for your daily MobDeal alert visit Wahanda.

*For every MobDeal purchase made, Wahanda will donate £1 to charity:water to continue supporting their great cause of bringing fresh water to communities.