You would be forgiven for thinking that this was a promotion[1. Sponsored Post] for a fine Belgian beer, or an expensive whiskey, but it soon becomes apparent that it is for none other than L’Oreal’s Men Expert. The new face of L’Oreal Men Expert, is exactly that, an expert at being a man, dispensing his advice on man skills to all Ape’s (and Gentlemen) worldwide.

To find the answer to any question (or have your Facebook profile picture ‘Gentrified’), Ask L’Oreal’s Expert and he will respond with his infinite wisdom.


Get some advice today from the man who can change the direction of the wind, just to blow through his hair.

The moral of this story? Get your grooming regime up to scratch and your Facebook profile picture will come out ‘dandy’ – at least that’s how we interpreted it. Watch closely to see how this story develops, or visit the L’Oreal Men Expert Facebook page for more information.