The LUXE range by Comme des Garçons featuring Patchouli and Champaca in their iconic pyramid shape flacons have, and continue to be sublime. Both ancient and sacred fragrances, these luxurious perfumes consist of only the finest ingredients of exceptional quality. The luxuriant scents are backed up by similarly epic packaging – a thoroughly rich affair.

‘Rich’ is an important word here – the fragrances have been lauded for their potency and rich, generous concentration of perfume. While this is, in my option a good thing, there are times when something lighter is more appropriate. Comme des Garçons have recognised this and released LUXE Comme des Garçons Eau de Toilette – using the same scent but in a lighter format.


Eau de Toilette, 10% concentration.

The patchouli used in this fragrance is of the highest quality in existence and comes from Sumatra. It is derived from the leaves of the plant of the same name, a member of the mint family.

  • Head: white pepper, soy accord.
  • Heart: patchouli, cedarwood.
  • Base: vanilla, oakmoss


Eau de Toilette, 10% concentration.

In the Ganjam district of the state of Orissa in India is found one of the finest examples of the mythical flower champaca, a primitive flowering plant belonging to the Magnolia family. Champaca keeps its fragrance long after being picked.

  • Head: white pepper, angelica, cardamon.
  • Heart: champaca, bird pepper.
  • Base: white musk, iris.

LUXE Comme des Garçons Eau de Toilette will be available worldwide from May 2013 at all Comme des Garçons shops and many other good shops, corners and shelves.