Most of the fragrances on Ape to Gentleman are catering more towards the Gent end of the fragrance spectrum. However just as a Football team must experience Conference Football before it ascends to the Premiership, or wine lovers must experience Lambrini before they appreciate a Chablis, so must our noses progress through an olfactory journey.

This January, Lynx is launching its most sophisticated fragrance to date, Lynx Excite. Developed using premium ingredients and inspired by a Gourmand-oriental mix, Lynx Excite builds on the heritage of Lynx’s two best sellers, Africa and Dark Temptation.  The new fragrance contains natural ingredients and delivers an air of ‘sophistication’ to the Lynx range.

Starting with clean and fresh leafy green accord, the vibrant fragrance ensures guys make a good first impression.  It then develops to smoother, caramel based notes and finishes with woody base notes, laced with amber and vanilla.

Developed by Lynx fragrance experts and ‘Nose’ Ann Gottlieb, the complex transition of Lynx Excite takes the wearer on a journey usually reserved for exclusive and rarer scents.  Excite Eau de Toilette demonstrates how Lynx is bringing high end scent fragrance to a more sophisticated Lynx audience.

Ann Gottlieb explains:

‘Lynx has invested in the best ingredients to produce a fragrance of the most sophisticated quality.  We were able to create a fragrance that is sparkling with the top note of watery pear and as you wear it, evolves into something that is warmer and sexier.’

The Excite range includes Eau de Toilette, Body Spray, and Shower Gel. The Shower Gel provides a fresh and masculine wake-up call, with the Body Spray leaving skin lingering with a rich woodiness. The Eau de Toilette offers a lasting, stronger fragrance making it the complementary finishing touch for a young gents’ grooming regime.

Definitely one for the Ape that would be Gentleman.

Lynx Excite Body Spray RRP £3.25
Lynx Excite Shower Gel RRP £2.54
Lynx Excite Eau de Toilette RRP £7.10

Lynx Excite is available nationwide.