The idea of owning something that is truly one’s own is a dream for many, but French ‘nose’ Blaise Mautin has taken this concept, developed it and raised it to levels sans pareil in the world of fragrance.

Blaise refers to the process as a ‘Made to measure Scent’, however it is not just the scent that bespoke, but the bottle adornments, and the various methods of scent diffusion. Choose from pillow mist, room spray, capillas diffusers, bespoke candles and even bespoke scarves to mist with a scent of your design and fragrance your bag or suitcase.

In case those options weren’t quite enough, you can also have a necklace, with your choice of precious stones, to adorn the fragrance bottle; this also doubles up as a ‘clasp’ of sorts to be worn with your bespoke scarf, hence saving you spraying scent directly onto your clothes.

 ‘Made to Measure Scent’.

For more information and to envelop yourself in more of his works visit his new website: