September saw Les Senteurs welcome the return of this unique and uninhibited House, founded in 1989 by legendary perfumer Jean Laporte, also creator of L’Artisan Parfumeur. Jean-Paul Millet Lage has now taken the helm, and continues in the tradition of celebrating the Grand Siecle; the Baroque brio of the contents reflects the style and grandeur of the age of Louis XIV.

I am picking out three classic beauties (pictured above) for your consideration:

Ambre Precieux

Highly appropriate for those who revel in the rich, aphrodisiac scent of ambergris. Perfect alone, or invaluable to underlay another scent with amber notes. Fantastic tenacity due to lavish proportions of such redolent fixatives as opoponax, amber, ambroxan, tonka, musk and civet.

Grain de Plaisir

One of Maitre Parfumeur’s most celebrated scents, launched at LES SENTEURS 11 years ago. Using celery seed, mint and lemon to startling effect in the top notes, Grain de Plaisir swells to a fragrance of intense warmth and power. Again, very long-lasting on the skin – sweet, woody, citric and intensely sensual. The rich, dark base features cedar, sandalwood, a touch of Oudh, patchouli, tonka and amber.

The inspiration here was the well-attested use of celery as an aphrodisiac in the seventeenth and eighteenth century – as we know for example from the accounts of La Pompadour using it to enhance her relationship with Louis XV. Here the seeds give a spicy heat and earthy quality that make this scent memorable and extremely disturbing.

George Sand – Les Parfums Historiques

All the romance of Chopin‘s grand passion evoked in a woody oriental mode. Top notes of bergamot and bitter orange lead into a peppery heart of Bulgarian rose oil, lavender, iris and spices; the ample, lingering base is heavy with musks, Indian patchouli, benzoin and cedar.

An interesting example of how a perfumer can run with a concept – the relationship of the pianist and the feminist novelist – and realise the idea in a fragrance. Not a potion that may appeal to everyone, but a vivid and expressive perfume that may appeal to the imaginative and the flamboyant, not to mention musical/literary fans.

Written by James Craven, LES SENTEURS’s nationally quoted fragrance archivist and expert chronicler of all things culturally fragrant, lends his invaluable service to the business as it continues to guide customers through its unparalleled collection of fine fragrance and scented accessories. Please visit Les Senteurs here: