You might have noticed the sun shining, proof that summer is on its way!? Hopefully. We’ve given you sun screen advice, self tanning advice but now it’s time for something a little more personal. So far our posts has centred around looking after your skin in the sun health-wise and secondly self tanning. Today, we shall bring you closer to completing your summer jigsaw with an insight into the ever growing world of male waxing.

We can’t hide the fact that male waxing is still some what of a taboo amongst men but also, we can’t hide that fact that more and more men are waxing their bodies. Unfortunately and perhaps this goes some way into explaining the taboo, there aren’t many male dedicated waxing locations. Entering the local beauticians halls of femininity can be a daunting task for any waxing-wannabe, definitely a negative. However, the hair free trend led by football heroes David Beckham and Frank Lampard and pop star Justin Timberlake is breaking down taboos as we speak and sparking a rise in male waxing venues.


Frank Lampard from hairy to waxed. Photo’s c/o Daily Mail and flickr scotty_99

If you reside in a capital city or more cosmopolitan city then fear not for there are man-specific options available to you. If you don’t live at these locations, then read the rest of this article and you’ll realise it’s okay to go to your local salon – the beautician will have probably waxed countless men this week already!

Okay, so you’ve made the decision, the hair (wherever it may be) is going, forget Veet for Men and head to the Ministry of Waxing. If Frank Lampard is breaking down the taboo then Ministry of Waxing are bulldozing it. Okay, so we are a little biased here – have you seen their artwork? Orangutan, very ape to gentleman, thumbs up! Unbiasedly, we like their speak, they have, “pruned 2 million bushes” in no less than 27 salons worldwide – you ought to think they know a thing or two about waxing. Is your “Boys Bush more like a Jungle?”, if the answer’s yes then get involved.


Ministry of Waxing offer a hygienic service in a timely fashion, “from muff to buff in 30 minutes”. They also use their own waxes which reduce pain by 70% – this should ease your fears on the pain front. Their salons are cool and edgy so you’ll feel comfortable and finally – everyone’s a professional (waxpert), backed up by 24hour customer service even post-treatment. Their mantra is labelled HSQ – Hygiene, Speed and Quality.

Treatments, amongst others:

  • Ministry of Waxing Boyzilian – priced £58
  • Ministry of Waxing Back, Sack and Crack – the BSC – priced £77
  • Ministry of Waxing Full Back – priced £40

To conclude, if you’re considering waxing any part of your body then let Ministry of Waxing put you at ease and get the job done.

Ministry of Waxing have venues at Mayfair and Covent Garden in the UK. In the US, New York City.

T: +44 (0)20 7409 7343

W: – for more information and worldwide venues.