Seasons change, colours become brighter or softer while suit shapes fill out and slim down and it’s no surprise that 2010 sees Paul Smith’s refreshingly different fragrance, Paul Smith Man (launched in 2009), undergo an reinvention. Introducing Paul Smith Man 2.

This new fragrance takes wood, fougère and fruit notes mixing them into a sophisticated cocktail of sensual aromas. Paul Smith Man 2 both contrasts and compliments Paul Smith Man. These two modern fragrances reflect the multiple possibilities of being a stylish gentleman today; men are given another chance to dress themselves with aroma – capturing the unique Paul Smith playful sense of fun and formality.

Paul Smith Man 2 first captures you with the fruit notes of cardamom, mandarin and grapefruit accented with a cheekily fresh twist of granny smith apple. Along with this zesty burst, Fabrice Pellegrain, perfumer at Firmenich as created the fragrance’s heart notes of lavender and cashmere wood who elegantly warm the air before drying down to the woody weight of sandal and cedar wood. These fruit, musk and woody elements combine in a unique and surprising way that feels both grown up yet modern, playful yet smart.

Eau de Toilette Natural Spray 30ml :   £24.50
Eau de Toilette Natural Spray 50ml :   £35.00
Eau de Toilette Natural Spray 100ml : £49.00

Available from selected department stores in the UK from September 2010.