‘Man-flu’ – the terminology adopted by many to ridicule men when they are sick, could be having a negative impact on men’s health. The Pfizer research has revealed that over 40% of men (43%) agree that the term is denying them the right to be ill and over half (52%) agree it is preventing them from seeking advice for a legitimate illness.

A large number of men surveyed also chose not to visit their doctor when they experienced symptoms which could be the early warning signs of underlying conditions such as heart problems, prostate cancer and diabetes. These attitudes could mean that serious health conditions are being left undetected and untreated.


To encourage men to think more about their health and seek medical advice, Pfizer have launched the ‘Ministry of Manly Behaviour’; a satirical video campaign to raise awareness of Man MOT (Monday Opportunity to Talk, www.manmot.co.uk). Man MOT is the UK’s first online health surgery exclusively for men, who for whatever reason, lack the confidence or time to visit their GP.

For more information, visit www.manmot.co.uk.