Today our friends over at AskMen revealed the results of their fifth annual Great Male Survey – and the news isn’t good for David Cameron and Nick Clegg. Of the 7,500 UK males surveyed only a miniscule 12% believed the coalition leaders had changed the country for the better, while 41% felt their leadership had changed the country for the worse.

The recent royal wedding provided a boost for the Windsors, with 56% agreeing the UK should have a royal family, while 68% thought William – the Duke of Cambridge should be the next royal on the throne. His father, Prince Charles was in third place behind Prince Harry, receiving just 9% of total votes.

With more than 100 questions and over 70,000 participants globally, the Great Male Survey is the largest poll of its kind and provides valuable insights into the top trends and attitudes amongst men aged 18-34, including lifestyle, relationships, finance and entertainment. AskMen also teamed up with SoFeminine for the Great Female Survey, which saw 1200 UK ladies offering their views on selected questions from the main survey -with wildly differing opinions!

Great Male Survey 2011 – UK Edition


  • 66% surveyed still believed in marriage, compared to 76% of women
  • 67% couldn’t live without their computer, just 11% would be lost without their TV
  • 65% still have no plans to save for retirement
  • Men believe that women begin to lose their looks at 40 years old (40%), but 30% of women believe men never lose their looks
  • 57% believe we should increase our reliance on nuclear power


  • 51% of males are satisfied with their sex lives, 64% women are considerably happier
  • 42% would think about dumping their partner if they got fat, only 13% of women would do the same
  • 68% would consider paying for sex under certain circumstances, just 33% of women agreed


  • 63% now use their mobile phones mainly for text messaging
  • 72% primarily get their news online and 72% still regularly read a newspaper
  • 53% say they are visiting the cinema less often, and illegal downloads have become the most popular method of watching films (21%)

Weird & Wonderful

  • 40% would consider punching their boss or a colleague and 58% of them in the face. This is considerably higher than the global average
  • 70% of those surveyed felt that Aliens were most likely to exist, from a list including vampires, werewolves and ghosts
  • 31% would be Batman if they were a superhero
  • Men are most sick of hearing about; Katie Price (44%) and Justin Bieber (49%)

“Whilst the new generation of Royals has reinvigorated the British man’s passion for the monarchy and indeed his own place in the world, the awkward government coalition arrangement has left him feeling deeply suspicious of the political landscape.” – Drew Lubega, UK Editor of AskMen

Detailed results and analysis of the AskMen Great Male Survey can be viewed online. Happy reading Gents!