Natural grooming brand ManCave have just released five new products, doubling their current offering – first launching in 2012. The new products include the addition of two new scents; a Lemon and Oak ShowerGel, and a ‘Whiskey’ fragranced Conditioning StyleCream. Sound delightful? Well, they are.

The ManCave premise is to bring premium fragrance to the mass segment, with compositions including old favourites, most notably; vetiver, bergamot, sandalwood, lavender and galbanum – alongside their core Cedarwood fragrance.

For us, the two most welcome additions are the Shave Gel and Post ShaveBalm, with the former setting a new shaving precedent by integrating the performance of a Pre-Shave Oil into the Shave Gel. Both contain Copper PCA; a great anti-microbial agent – designed to heal the skin.

In Detail

ManCave Conditioning StyleCream (75ML) – RRP £8.50

A moisture-rich formula using Shea Butter and Argan Oil to condition and hydrate, helping hair recover from environmental stress and damage. Naturally derived wax provides a medium hold without any residue or shine while Panthenol’s anti-inflammatory properties to help sooth the scalp to prevent itchiness and dryness. This natural Hair Pomade offers a medium- hold without any residue or shine; our hydrating formula takes care of and protects your scalp.

ManCave ShaveGel (150ML) – RRP £5.99

Imitating the soothing effects of a pre-shave oil, the ManCave ShaveGel softens your beard while preparing skin for a close and comfortable shave. As mentioned, they have included Copper PCA; an anti- microbial used in anti-aging treatments, possessing skin-strengthening benefits and helps to optimise the healing process of your skin.

ManCave Lemon & Oak ShowerGel (200ML) – RRP £3.99

The second natural ShowerGel in the ManCave range, the Lemon & Oak ShowerGel has been developed to uplift, invigorate and stimulate. An uplifting aroma, the Lemon & Oak fragrance opens with a rich creamy woody accord with top notes of bergamot, lemon, rosemary & sage. The heart of the scent is comprised of woody sandalwood, vetiver & iriswood with a nuance of warm cardamom on a base of dark vanilla, leather, amber & musks.

ManCave FaceScrub (100ML) – RRP £6.99

Enriched with natural actives and 12 Essential Oils. Fine granules of Olive Stone create a textured, creamy abrasion to coerce the dead skin and debris from your face, improving cell turnover and unveiling the new skin beneath.

ManCave Post ShaveBalm (200ML) – RRP £6.50

ManCave have developed a natural post-shave treatment to help skin recover from the shaving process combining healing essential oils with soothing natural actives. It uses Menthyl PCA to slowly release menthol over time to give a long lasting cooling effect while the anti-microbial Copper PCA helps optimise the skin’s recovery process.