Hair today, hair tomorrow- a survey of over 4000 Brits revealed some very interesting results:

  1. Elvis’s quiff is the most iconic ‘classic’ men’s haircut of all time, with 50% of men voting the king’s haircut as their favourite.
  2. David Beckham’s curtains (17%)
  3. Pat Sharp’s mullet (15%)

However, and this is a sizeable ‘however’ – when it came to the crunch and those surveyed men were ‘in the barbers chair’, over half of the them said that they were more likely to request a classic crew cut as sported by style icons such as Brad Pitt.

Despite the initial bravado from the surveyed gents – it appears that the fail safe crew cuts they eventually opted for should* see more favourable appeal from the opposite sex with supporting research showing 66% of women finding men with crew cuts have more sex appeal than men with quiffs (8%). The survey also found that only 1% of women find men with mullets appealing. So the mullet does live on but it’s popularity is ‘alarming’ low!

As Elvis’s 75th birthday approaches at the turn of the new decade, he would be pleased to know that his legendary quiff still tops the charts! For a safer option, opt for the Brad Pitt Classic Cut.

  • *Ape to Gentleman does not guarantee a crew cut will see more favourable appeal from the opposite sex.
  • **Survey conducted by OnePoll across 1,000 males
  • ***Survey conducted by OnePoll across 3,810 females