From performance men’s grooming brand men-u comes a new product, men-u Matt Skin Refresh. An anti-shine and fragrance free gel, the Skin Refresh contains natural salicylic acid and witch hazel which combine to leave your face looking (and feeling) revitalised.

The Skin Refresh Gel is composed of key natural ingredients:

Willow Bark extract

– used for centuries as a mild analgesic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

Naturally complexed salicylic acid

– a beta-hydroxy acid that reduces sebum production helps overcome ingrown hairs and is proven to enhance cell renewal of the epidermis and reduce microbial flora associated with acne blemishes.

Witch hazel & natural alcohol

– dissolves sebum and oil.

Japanese Konjac root powder

– controls the flow of the natural skin lipids reducing the oily appearance for a prolonged period.

The Skin Refresh Gel is suitable for most skin types; be it normal, combination or oily skin.

Key Features:

• Removes & controls excess oil that contributes to blocked pores & breakouts
• Cleans pores from impurities, toning 7 tightening the skin
• Soothes & calms – great after shaving & helps overcome ingrown hairs

The men-u Skin Refresh Gel is available now and costs £12.95 (RRP).