Photo c/o jackie weisberg on Flickr

Some interesting new research conducted by shave experts Braun for you today with nearly half of British apes and gents (46%) deciding to sport a bearded face when miserable. Brad Pitt bearded up amid talk of marital issues with Angelina, whilst Ashley Cole sported whiskers during troubled times with superstar wife Cheryl. Even Joaquin Phoenix tried to camouflage his erratic behaviour by growing a beard.

Psychologist Dr David Lewis, explained, “Self-neglect revealed in a conscious lack of grooming is a visible reflection of a man’s inner emotional turmoil. Growing a beard in times of trouble can be a symptom of the man’s negative feelings about himself and an indication he no longer cares about what others think. Because depression causes energy levels to nose-dive, men will often avoid time-consuming tasks such as shaving.Males who are hurting on the inside often also feel so psychologically bruised that their self-image and confidence plunges. They may also fear that looking well groomed may cause those close to them to expect a positive and optimistic outlook which they feel incapable of delivering. Removing facial hair to restore a clean-shaven look is a form of psychological cleansing by helping to eliminate negative emotions symbolises the first step towards a brighter and more optimistic future.”

So if you want to lose that ‘unhappy’ look, Ape to Gentleman can recommend either the researchers weapon against stubble the Braun Series 3 – a great electric shaver or for those of you who prefer a wet shave the Gillette Fusion Power Razor. Finally, if your best mate decides to grow a beard, you might just know why!