What Lies Beneath: How To Safely Shave ‘Down There’

Although we’ve come a long way and managed to iron out most of the taboos in male grooming, there are some that still remain – whether we’d like to admit it or not. One of those taboos is the issue of manscaping, and specifically grooming below the waist. Long story short we’re talking about pubic hair. There we go, it feels better now that we’ve said it, doesn’t it?

The issue of manscaping is a delicate one for a variety of reasons. Without stating the obvious, unlike a visit to the barbers, body hair is very much a personal grooming pursuit. As far as we’re aware even the trendier parts of London haven’t seen any pubic hair stylists open up yet so when it comes to down there, it’s still very much a DIY job for men. And take care of ourselves we should. A poll commissioned by Cosmopolitan magazine found that 70% of women prefer their male partners to be trimmed in the downstairs department.

Step forward Meridian Grooming, a premium grooming brand that specialises in below the waist maintenance. Meridian knows full well what’s going on ‘down there’ and they’re here to change your habits.

No more using the same trimmer you use for your face on your crotch. No more discomfort, itching and chafing from using the wrong tools and, mercifully, no more masochistic shaving routines involving scissors, razors or other inappropriate tools.

Rather than an array of confusing products, Meridian keeps it simple: one trimmer and one spray. That’s it. But don’t be fooled, there’s a lot that goes into these two. ‘The Trimmer’ is a stylish waterproof trimmer that handles different types of hair with ease, whether coarse or curly. The key to the trimmer’s blade technology is a more balanced and refined engineering approach, resulting in a more sensitive and even shave. That means no nicking, snagging, tugging or pulling whether you’re shaving wet or dry.

Available in both Onyx Black and Sage Green, the trimmer boasts a rust-resistant, hygienic, replaceable ceramic blade module while the ergonomic design means it fits snugly in your hand allowing for a more accurate and controlled shave. Guide combs allow for different hair lengths and the trimmer can also be used for other body hair below the neck. Ease of use continues into charging and care, thanks to the inclusion of a USB charging cable and cleaning brush.

With Meridian it’s not just about the shave, it’s about hygiene and taking care. Completing the Meridian range is ‘The Spray’, a pH balanced spray specially formulated to neutralise odour and skin irritation around the groin. Featuring natural ingredients including moringa, witch hazel, green tea and gingko, the spray leaves the area super fresh.

The Trimmer and The Spray are available as a handy duo, called ‘The Complete Package’. When it comes to the grooming revolution down there, Meridian is leading the way in personal grooming, beating taboos along the way.

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In partnership with Meridian Grooming – words and opinion Ape’s own.