Mirrors are great when you actually feel the need to use them, but if you get caught out on a regular basis by reflections out of the corner of your eye, then this mirror is the solution. Tetsuo Kondo Architects of Tokyo have designed a mirror that reflects a clear image when viewed straight-on but appears cloudy from the side; in other words unless you look directly into the mirror from head on, you will not see a refection.


Not only does this have its functional benefits, when looked at from an oblique angle the softly shining appearance of this mirror makes it a hybrid between a piece of Art and a Sculpture. Dependent on the viewing angle and distance, the mirror’s appearance transforms.


So how do they do it? A special porous film is laid over the glass to create this effect; the special film is applied to the surface of this full-length mirror, allowing a clear reflection of the image at its centre, when looked at directly. The frame itself is finished with subtly embossed paper, only revealing itself on closer inspection.


Having mirrors strategically placed round the house for impromptu grooming is a must; thanks to Tetsuo Kondo Architects, now you can have as may mirrors as you want and no-one can call you vain.

www.tetsuokondo.jp via Dezeen