I’m a true believer in making yourself look the best you can, so that you feel confident and good on the inside too. That’s why I chose to visit Alkali Aesthetics in Putney for a few ‘jabs’ of Botox. I work in the fashion industry and my day consists of many meetings with management at other brands, so a polished and professional appearance around the board room table, is a must.

I came clean to the guys the night before and some of my mates had joked that I’d end up looking like Sly Stallone or Mickey Rourke – not exactly the look I was going for! To say I was a little nervous about the appointment after that would be an understatement. I know women have Botox treatments all the time, but I really didn’t know what to expect.

As soon as I arrived at Alkali Aesthetics, I was taken into a consultation room and chatted to the doctor. It was pretty informal, so I felt at ease straight away. He explained how it would work and that it was merely a ‘refresh’ and not a face freezing procedure. He took some pictures of my face and suggested the areas I should ‘freshen up’. Within 10 minutes, I was relaxing in the chair, totally calm and chatting to the doctor about work and life in general while the numbing gel that had been applied to the areas took effect.

Three quick injections around the eye area and I was done. No pain at all, if I’m brutally honest, the most painful part of the whole procedure was seeing the close-up picture we’d previously taken, blown up on the screen at the consultation.

I’m looking forward to seeing the results, as it takes about 2 weeks to fully kick in and should last anywhere up to 4 months, which is fantastic.

Life is busier than ever these days and 8 hours a night seems to be harder and harder to achieve. With such a busy work schedule, feeling confident in the way I look is now one less thing to worry about. I never thought I’d say it but I’m pleased that Botox is now a part of my routine just as much as the moisturiser and eye gel.

Antony Hawman
Brand Partnership Manager

For more information on Botox treatments for men vist www.alkaliaesthetics.co.uk, or read our Expert Botox Guide.