The leading light in bath and body; Molton Brown, have pleasingly taken the plunge in to the home fragrance market with the announcement of their new Aroma-Reeds Collection.

Available in five of Molton Brown’s most popular fragrances, the Aroma-Reeds distil over 40 years of scent-expertise. Designed to subtly fragrance your space for up to four months – Aroma-Reeds are safe to leave unattended all day long. The diffusion is slow and steady, providing longevity and value for money – while you experience the fragrance blend of your choice. Potency can be varied according to the number of reeds used at any one time. These Aroma-Reeds will make the perfect gift for any occasion, and a treat for yourself.

Naturally, the scents available are all ‘standard’ (superb) Molton Brown, and available now.

The Aroma-Reeds Collection

Orange & Bergamot – £44
London via Seville
Give your home the invigorating, refreshing aromas of a Sevillian orange grove.

Ylang-Ylang – £44
London via Madagascar
Relax and unwind with the tropical scent of sun-warmed woods.

Gingerlily – £44
London via Tahiti
Infuse your home with the alluring warmth of a Tahitian shore.

Pink Pepperpod -£44
London via The Gulf of Guinea
Enliven your home with the sultry spice of this classic fragrance.

Mulberry & Thyme -£44
London via Les Cevennes
Bring the height of French elegance to your home with this composed, crisp scent.