Recently launched Mahina, the latest addition to Molton Brown’s fine fragrance collection; Navigations Through Scent is named after a region of Tahiti and takes inspiration from the laid back, sun-drenched island with top notes of ylang-ylang and fresh orange blossom.

Molton Brown’s unisex Navigations Through Scent range is remarkable, a testament to the brands’ global appeal which has seen the collection ‘travel’ to worldly destinations along the ancient spice route.

Mahina fuses tiare flower, the queen of Tahitian flowers, with base notes of vanilla and cedarwood to create a citrus-wrapped floral scent designed to evoke thoughts of the translucent aqua lagoons and sandy shores of French Polynesia.

Scent Notes

  • Top: Ylang-ylang and fresh orange blossom.
  • Middle: Tahitian tiare, jasmine and frangipani.
  • Base: Vanilla and cedarwood.

Molton Brown Mahina is possibly their best Navigations Through Scent yet with its warm, languid and idyllic aroma.