I suppose while there is seemingly a disparity between the art of fencing and the alpine originated Moncler, you could argue that there sense of balance with this collaboration. Call it coincidence – which is unlikely considering Thom Browne’s precision – but much in the way Moncler originated in France and is now brought to us from the heart of Italy, so to fencing was derived in France only to be modernised the 19th century by the Italian school of the Renaissance.


As he has previously done with elite sports, Thom Browne has masterfully been able to combine the traditional Fencing garb, with the alpine Moncler and still retain the essence of both fencing as a sport and Moncler’s branding.

This Moncler Gamme Bleu collection saw Thom Browne play on their signature quilted coats with lighter weight variants often adorned with off centred zips, button fastenings and the instantly recognisable ‘Red, White and Blue’  in various guises. The relaxed silhouette reflects the season with pure white on white layering with the purposefully short Jodhpur trouser sitting high off the plimsoll.