Slightly off topic for Ape to Gentleman but certainly deserving of a place in our Apeish category, Motogroom is the first grooming shampoo and sanitising range of products for the natural cleansing of a motorbike helmet and associated clothing.

Wearing a helmet for months against your hair and face without cleaning is not ideal for helmet function, your skin, or malodour. To counter these issues the MotoGroom range consists of two sanitisers; Touring and Citrus Groves, and two helmet shampoos; Citrus & Mint and Lime & Lavender.

The MotoGroom ethos is a favourable one; no chemicals against the skin, no testing on animals and are hypo‐allergenic. If you ride a motorbike, or for that matter – wear a helmet for skiing for example, then take a look at MotoGroom.