Movember 2010 has come to an end but judging by the pride with which many Gents were brandishing their Mo’s this Movember, they’ll be around for at least the next couple of weeks. This Movember’s tally has eclipsed last year’s mammoth total £26million, with a total in the region of £30million which is set to increase with figures and donations still coming in. Magnificent effort by all the Mo Brothers & Sista’s out there promoting the cause; Ape to Gentleman salute you.

Country: Amount Raised (GBP)

  Canada: £12,041,158
  Australia: £11,484,771
  United Kingdom: £7,253,706
  United States: £3,953,882
  Ireland: £864,723
  New Zealand: £361,075

(Source:, last checked 1/12/2010, 12.33pm,

One such Gentleman is the winner of our Movember competition; Dusko Maurice Kent Frost (yes, that is his real name). When we opened Dusko’s email, we were convinced the ‘Stasche was fake, so he sent us the above photo of the moustache in cultivation while on RAF training in Kenya – needless to say, that was the shot that sealed it. We also loved his ingenious rendition of ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’, which gained him extra points for style.


Here’s a bit more information about the man behind the ‘Stache:

Name: Dusko Maurice Kent Frost

Birthplace: Kenya

Vocation: RAF Pilot

Amount Raised: Plenty… as well as the Moral of our troops!

Favourite Film: Top Gun

Favourite Quote:

“Don’t act like you’re not impressed!”

Quite. Well done Dusko the standard has been set for next year, the Braun Razor is on its way to you. Until then gents, all that’s left to say is get you thinking caps on for next Movember, Movember 2011 which in our opinion is set to be a record breaker.

What’s next to look forward to in the hair growing category… Ah Yes, Fe-beard-ary. That’ll do me for now.