Moustache wax is a must for any ‘stached (or would be heavily ‘stached) Gentleman to keep your moustache in shape, and will perhaps even lead to some more adventurous styling. Furthermore, for those with more prolific moustache growth, using moustache wax to train your ‘stache horizontally and hence prevent the hair from growing into your mouth.

Mr Natty Twizzle Moustache Wax is a lavender scented natural moustache styling wax, perfect for keeping your moustache in shape for any occasion. The clear moustache wax is a slightly firmer texture than most moustache wax ideal for any climate including warm and cold. The concentrated formula means a little goes a long way.

A sign of the quality of the moustache wax is the ease with which it washes out with hot water and shampoo, and Mr Natty’s does exactly that, allowing you to experiment with different amounts until your optimal wax-to-moustache combination is derived.

The preconception of moustache wax being uncomfortable or untidy is all due to the misapplication – Gentlemen, this is not V05, a small amount will suffice.


The best technique is to just wax the ends, using the minimum amount to keep the hairs in place. Simply scoop a small amount onto your forefinger, rub forefinger and thumb together to create warmth, apply to your moustache, twizzle and style as required.

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Get Twizzling in time for Movember 2011.

Available worldwide from Niven & Joshua.