The irrepressible Mr Natty aka Matt Raine; a Groomer, Master Barber and Hair Stylist to the who’s who of the celebrity stratosphere… has expanded his ever-popular range. Recent additions include Jack Tar Bay Rum, Face Forest Soap, a candle and most recently; Mr Willie Mack’s All-over Wax.

Mr Willie Mack’s All-over Wax is a truly multi-functional product, which we are delighted with… and suspect you all will be too. Housed in a tidy, stylish 100ml screw-thread tin – it can ve used to moisturise dry skin all over your body, hair (and scalp), and as a hair wax. Think post-gym routine; hydrate dry hands, dry body and style hair. Plus invigorating citrus tones ensure you smell fresh and are refreshed.

Ideal for sensitive skin types (and others) thanks to it only containing natural ingredients – just give it a quick rub in your hands and then massage anywhere you need extra moisture, or style (head/ beard or moustache).