As mind expanding and enjoyable as travelling is, hot and or exotic locations invariably have something in common- exposure to bugs that bite. To counter this, supermarkets and chemists sell insect-repellents sprays but many contain toxic chemicals and smell less than impressive on your skin.

New from home care and beauty care brand Mrs White’s is Unstung Hero; an all natural, fresh Eau de Cologne that contains a secret ingredient that renders you ‘invisible’ to mosquitoes, midges, horseflies, bees and wasps.

Fragranced with an uplifting Lemon Tea scent it is suitable for both gentlemen and women, and crucially won’t overpower your senses with citronella notes.

Available in a travel-size, lightweight aluminium spray 100ml bottle (or 250ml) it can be spritzed on bedding and pillows as well as yourself and your clothes, it won’t damage them either as it is non-oily. The active ingredient is completely non toxic and protects for 4 hours. Safe for children from 3 years.


Mrs White’s Unstung Hero is available at priced from £15 for 100ml.