Cologne as scent has fallen by the wayside somewhat in recent times as preference has leant towards the more potent scents of Eau de Toilette and Parfum. However when the term ‘Cologne’ is used it conjures up imagery of Old(e) England or perhaps Aristocracy. It comes as no surprise to many that Eau de Cologne derived its name from the German city of Cologne (Koln), but it is  more of a surprise that cologne was actually discovered by an Italian perfumer during a stay in that city [1. Information via Wikipedia]. The history lesson ends here; we now move to current times and look at a new range of colognes from Barber’s Murdock of London patriotically entitled ‘British Cologne’

The collection features six different scents, the most interesting at first glance being the Patchouli scent. Prized by both Napoleon and Queen Victoria for its unique pungency, the Patchouli plant has a noble history.

Patchouli is a spicy, sensuous and mysterious scent inspired by the timeless, free-thinking style of the great British bohemian tradition.

The colognes are available from Murdock’s Barbershop’s or online at