Here at Ape to Gentleman HQ we pride ourselves on unearthing hidden gems and today is no different, we present to you Nakal Clothing. In fact, the Nakal Suits aren’t so much hidden gems anymore as their popularity continues to grow. We were fortunate enough to grab ten minutes of the busy young entrepreneur and founder of Nakal Clothing, Josh Green’s time to confirm to you all why you need Nakal in your life.

The crux of the story starts when entrepreneurs Alex Taylor and Josh Green founded Nakal Clothing in 2009 whilst they were on a surf trip in the Far East. They had one mission, to brighten up people’s lives. Whilst they were travelling they purchased two bright green suits which they travelled from country to country in, turning heads as they passed. After several months the two youths soon realised they where running out of money and enjoying life to much. They needed something to maintain this lifestyle… They thought long and hard about how they could start making money, exploring various avenues but little did they know the answer was literally on their backs…

We need something eye catching to sell, Josh said to Alex (on a flight to Malaysia whilst wearing their suits).

We need something different that everyone loves, Alex replied.

As they landed at Kuala Lumpur International both men looked at each other and said, ‘Let’s sell these suits!’. Nakal was born.

CB: Why ‘Nakal’ and what does it mean?
JG: One day Alex and I were walking down Jl Legian in Bali, Indonesia whilst wearing our suits with a group of girls we were travelling with when an Indonesian gentleman shouted across the road, “Nakal, Nakal!”. Nakal turned out to mean naughty or cheeky in Indonesian, Alex and I thought the name was quite fitting.

CB: How did you start selling the suits?
JG: Alex flew back to Bali after a few days in Malaysia planning our new venture and I flew home to start getting the buzz going around people we knew. Alex returned with fifty suits in his suitcase pushing the excess baggage to the limit. Alex and I then visited our old schools where we sold all the suits out of the back of our cars in a matter of hours! This is when we realised we were on to something. We then designed our website and started selling the suits online.


CB: Where is Nakal at now?
JG: Nakal have diversified from bright coloured suits, animal print suits, flag suits, custom designed tailored suits to individual jackets. All Nakal Clothing is made to measure through our website where customers can easily fill in their measurements and three weeks later receive their crazy new suit. Nakal have supplied made to measure suits for entire wedding parties, stag-do’s, sports teams, students and much more.

CB: What does the future look like for Nakal?
JG: Nakal still stands by it’s original mission statement, ‘to make the world a brighter place.’ Every time you go out in one of our suits you will be immediately filled with self confidence and have everyone talking to you. Within a few minutes you’ll forget you’re wearing a crazy suit and are guaranteed to have a cracking time whenever you stick on a Nakal number. This is why most of our customers always come back for more and most have at least two Nakal suits on their suit rack.

Nakal are constantly developing new ranges and designs and aim to become one of the UK’s premium men’s party wear retailers online by offering products that are different and fun.

So gents, with made to measure on offer from £75 it’s time to put your mundane ‘party-piece’ away and buy Nakal. Gentleman please.