Let’s begin with what skin type the Soothing Starflower Range is aimed at; “For Sensitive Skin”. There are plenty of brands offering sensitive skin products, but the truth is that whilst brands can do their best with gentle ingredients and such like – not all sensitive skin types will be suited to sensitive skin type products. Obvious, right!? Everyone’s skin is different. Being more of a sensitive skin type myself and an ‘industry insider’ – you might not be surprised to learn that I’ve tried many brands; some good, some horrendous and some in between.

In a world where harsh ingredients in skin care products and even fabric conditioners are on the rise, the number of skin allergies and sensitivities are naturally increasing, causing all manner of trouble for apes and gentleman with sensitive skin. Couple this with stress, harsh weather, poor diet and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. All of the aforementioned problems lead to weakening of the skin’s protective barrier leaving you susceptible to irritated skin and redness.

The answer to this is choosing products with the right ingredients. To make the skin less prone to sensitivity, it needs help and help along these lines:

  • Anti-inflammatory ingredients to soothe and minimize existing redness and inflammation.
  • Fatty acids to protect and strengthen the skin and rebuild and maintain the skin’s protective lipid barrier to help prevent future sensitivity and bring it back into balance.
  • Mild, fragrance-free, colour free and alcohol free formulas that are gentle on the skin and carry no risk of reactions for those prone to sensitivity, to suit even the most sensitive skins
  • Soap free cleansers. Soap can dry out your skin.

The Soothing Starflower Range matches all of the above concerns, addressing each issue with a weighty selection of some of the finest organic ingredients, as follows:

  • Liquorice – a powerful anti-inflammatory.
  • Aloe Vera – a healing and moisturising gel widely used for many skin conditions.
  • Cocoa Butter (Fairtrade) – one of the most stable, highly concentrated natural fats known, and melts at body temperature so that it is readily absorbed into the skin.
  • Sunflower Seed Oil which contains antioxidant vitamin E, which revitalises the skin, minimises scar tissue formation and accelerates healing.

The range is new, I’m not sure how new, but I’ve I’ve only just discovered it and let me tell you this: If you have sensitive skin, it’s utterly brilliant! The range offers 3 products, all heroes…

Neal’s Yard Remedies Soothing Starflower Cleansing Milk with soothing starflower combining cooling aloe vera, protecting alpine flower and calming liquorice, to gently cleanse without drying. The buttery texture gently melts on to your skin, which you then swipe off using cotton wool pads leaving skin cleansed, seriously not irritated and genuinely calmed. £18.00 for 185ml

Next up is the Neal’s Yard Remedies Soothing Starflower Daily Moisture, a moisturiser with similar ingredients to the aforementioned; soothing starflower is combined with cooling aloe vera, protecting alpine flower, calming liquorice and ultra-moisturising hyaluronic acid, to nourish, protect and help strengthen sensitive skin. Another buttery texture here and again, seriously soothing and hydrating – the best way to describe it would be that it melts into the skin. You’ll feel your skin soothed and calmed. £22.00 for 100ml

Finally and perhaps the most magical product is the Neal’s Yard Remedies Soothing Starflower Daily Essence – on application it instantly cools and comforts your skin. Again, it employs similar ingredients to the above but in a more of a clear gel or serum type formula – it easily spreads and quickly absorbs. A soother to be used at night or morning as well if needed (use under the moisturiser). £39.50 for 30ml

In conclusion, I may well have rambled here but I was genuinely blown away by this latest addition from Neal’s Yard Remedies – if you’re an ape or gent with sensitive skin (or female, it’s unisex) then look no further than the Soothing Starflower Range.

Products courtesy of www.NivenandJoshua.co.uk