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The festive period is well and truly over and you’re no doubt looking and feeling a little more ape than gent. That Zegna suit that once made everyone look twice now feels twice as small, and renewing your gym membership has soared back to the top of the list of resolutions for the New Year.

Give your resolution a fighting chance this year and ensure going to the gym is as pain free as possible with this gym kit checklist:

  • Choose a stylish, lightweight gym bag with lots of pockets. Not only will this allow you to separate your toiletries from your work clothes and your work clothes from your sweat-laden gym gear, but a man with style for any occasion always makes a good impression.
  • Invest in a pair of quality trainers that won’t pain your feet after your 10 mile sprint on the running machine.
  • Keep your toiletries simple with time-saving 2 in 1 products, and we recommend retaW Natural Mystic Body Shampoo, £26.50 for 300ml.
  • The final cardinal rule of gym kit essentials, do not think you’re clever by packing a hand towel instead of the usual, large bath towel. Think smart and buy a travel towel – thin, light and easy to pack minus any potential discomfort and unparalleled humiliation.

Good luck gentlemen.