Round the world the word Apple is once again the hot topic on the tips of everyone’s tongue. Some might think it has something to do with the new iPad 2, however here on Ape to Gentleman we have a different theory. We think that it may have something to do with the new free iPhone App released by the King of Shaves.

So just what does this App do exactly? Well with the King of Shaves iPhone app you can:

1: Order Discounted Cartridges

Exclusive to the application you can save £3.99 on the SRP when you buy 16 replacement Endurium cartridges for the King of Azor system razor.

2: Request a free Azor

You can use the application to claim a free Azor System Razor complete with a 4-blade Endurium Cartridge[1. Available while stocks last.].

3: Direct connection to the King’s Social media.

Use the App to join the King of Shaves “Kingdom” and follow the King on Twitter, connect with King of Shaves on Facebook, visit watch Barbarella X (Bonus) and King of Shaves Virals on YouTube.

If this doesn’t excite you more than the iPad 2 gents, I’ll eat my Blackberry.