With much of home ware design being standardised it’s becoming more refreshing when you ‘stumble’ upon something different, something unique. We have entered a time of ‘homes sponsored by Ikea where the same styling and furniture can be seen ubiquitously through the homes of the UK. A modern gentleman needs to differentiate himself from his peers, to give himself an identity, his own brand if you will. Fear not; if you persevere you will be able to find that unique product that will give your home that identity so many today are lacking.




Let’s take for example this ingenious lamp by Igendesign – the Nissyoku lamp. The lamp is multifunctional, eco friendly, practical and more importantly very aesthetically pleasing. The lamp design is based on a solar eclipse, and can be adjusted to shine light in pretty much any direction. The light can be detached from the suspended central ring to be taken anywhere light is needed. If that wasn’t enough the light can be separated into two halves to provide multiple light sources.


The best part about this gem, is that unlike many great designs, this one is actually scheduled for production. Let’s just hope Ikea doesn’t catch wind of it first.

Igendesign via Fubiz