Note de Yuzu an Eau de Parfum created by Heeley Parfums with Maison Kitsuné recently arrived at Ape to Gentleman HQ. Designed to represent an eclectic mix of electronic pop, fashion and a multi-cultural blend of English, French and Japanese notes in a unisex scent. For those of you not familiar Maison Kitsuné was created in Paris in 2002 by Gildas Loaëc, former manager of the french electronic duo Daft Punk and Masaya Kuroki, a young architect. The Paris-Tokyo brand’s infuence has since grown internationally through Maison Kitsuné, a clothing brand, Kitsuné, a record label and Café Kitsuné.

Maison Kitsuné have further extended their reach via the English born, Paris based perfumer and designer, James Heeley who has worked with Maison Kitsuné in creating and producing their Mint and Moss scented candles and most recently with the creation of Note de Yuzu. Note de Yuzu is an Eau de Parfum containing the energy and zest of Japanese yuzu, with a mouth watering fruity, freshness that James Heeley has used to express the bright and colourful energy that he equates with Maison Kitsuné.


It mixes English, French and Japanese influences into a unisex scent with Heeley insisting the “stylish girls and boys from Paris to Tokyo will find difficult to resist”. On first nosing there is an immediate freshness which develops through to an aquatic note revealing a rich saltiness on the skin, reminiscent of a traditional Japanese yuzu bath we are told.

Fruity and fresh in summer we hear you ask? Correct. In Europe citrus scents are often associated with the summer, whereas in Japan yuzu is synonymous with the winter. Around the winter solstice, known as Toji, the Japanese take warm, relaxing yuzu baths. The bright yellow fruits float on the surface of the water releasing their fragrance, and according to this Japanese tradition bring youth, health and a sense of well being.

  • Top: Yuzu, Mandarin
  • Heart: Sea Salt
  • Base: Vetiver d’Haiti, White Musk

The Eau de Parfum is aforementioned, unisex and available in two natural sprays: 50ml (£90) and 100ml (£125) in Maison Kitsuné boutiques and Heeley authorized resellers from September 28th, 2017. I’m a fan of citrus fragrances, so naturally lean towards enjoying Note de Yuzu- but objectively, it’s a great scent- sweet but with a solid base. Great for day time wear and a refreshingly different approach to winter fragrance theorem. Also, it’s worth mentioning that James Heeley is an exceptional nose- so you can buy safely in the knowledge that any of his scents are nailed on superb. And best of all, when people ask what fragrance youre wearing you can say Note de Yuzu Eau de Parfum by Maison Kitsuné and Heeley Parfums, sounding as cool as those stylish girls and boys from Paris to Tokyo.